Executive Counseling Services in California

Every job has a certain amount of stress and anxiety. For most professionals, this involves co-worker interactions, high-pressure situations, board and investor communications. Eventually, the long hours at work can take its toll on your mental health and throw you out of balance with life. Now add remote and distant communications, and these problems intensify.

I am an executive counseling expert providing services in California. Since the COVID pandemic, I have become aware of how important work counseling is for professionals. Unlike traditional counseling sessions where the focus of our sessions is on your personal life, in work therapy, we focus on your professional relationships and your professional goal. Some of my clients are working on maintaining a healthy work-life balance, improve peer, boss, and subordinate relations, and learn strategies and techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, and focus on effective communication.

As a licensed psychotherapist, I am one of the few psychotherapists providing expert services in this area. Whether you are based in San Francisco or Los Angeles, I can provide the same level of mental health service as I have treated many clients with various modalities and interventions. My specialties are work counseling services in California, which includes treating and counseling high-achieving individuals in dynamic, fast-growth work environments dealing with crippling anxiety. If you are looking for an executive counseling expert for hire in California and would like more information about executive counseling or work therapy, feel free to contact me at 310-400-3409 or email me at: pattyfiore@nextstep-counseling.com. 


You will get work therapy sessions by an expert in Los Angeles. I also provide Anxiety therapy services in San Francisco.