Individual Emotional Therapy

Many of my clients find relief in realizing that their struggles do not own them. I aim to help clients focus on their unique journey of life. Therapy is about change. That change can be in the way you perceive a situation, the way you feel about it, or the way you respond to it. You are more than your environmental, biological, and circumstantial factors. Life is about emotional growth. I am an expert individual therapist providing services in California. In my sessions, I will work with you and help you process and regulate your emotions. We will evaluate which emotions and thoughts are helpful or harmful and will find a healthy way for you to cope with those emotions.

Unlike other therapeutic approaches, Emotion Focus Therapy assumes that emotion can be a source of healing, and working with specific emotions will help increase your adaptation of it. I focus on emotional processing and healing. Since I am a licensed psychotherapist located in Beverly Hills, I can provide remote services to anyone who requires emotional healing therapy services in California. I am an expert individual therapist, and if you are in search of an individual therapy expert for hire in San Francisco or an individual counseling specialist in Los Angeles, please reach out to us. I am further experienced in grief therapy –  contact me today for a consultation.